A leading enterprise for ultrafine grinding
70 years since establishment 1983, we have been inheriting knowhow of the “Ohki Shoten”, a dealer of fire-resistant materials for casting industries and specializing in supplying materials for casting iron, copper alloy, aluminum etc.

Today we are engaged in more specialized area, introducing the AWB (Inorganic Warm box Binder) process. Through installing our own AWB facility we offer most reliable follow-ups and support for the AWB Binder clienteles. 
Ohki Sangyo’s Loyalty to the technologyOhki Sangyo’s Loyalty to the technology
Since establishment we have been specializing in research and development of graphite products. We offer products focusing on the ecology to the next generation’s nanotechnologies on the basis of these technology and knowhow fostered over the years  Foundry section
 Foundry secondary materials
 Secondary materials for non-ferrous metals
 Carbon Section
 As substitute of AWB resin inserts
Video introduction of AWB

 Technical explanation on AWB was uploaded
 We established PT. OHKI INDONESIA, making a 100% investment and will be committed to overseas business as well. Our high technical expertise may be anticipated there, too.株式会社オオキ
 Creating brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, catalogues Design-consulting for in- and exterior of shops and stores A wide variety of overall and industrial designing
Message of the president
 We are confident of our performance and products. Especially the ecological problems at each casting factories…Recruitment
 “Boys! Jump out to the global society!” Ohki Sangyo spreads wings around the world会社概要 大木産業株式会社
1-9-35,Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, 332-0015 Japan

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 Onahama Factory
14-1, Chuhbu Industrial Park, Iwaki City Fukushima Prefecture 972-8338 Japan

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 Tohoku Sales Office 
101-2, Haneda Aza-Meisei, Mizusawa-Ward Ohshu-City Iwate-Pref. 023-0132
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